L.S. Vygotsky Institute of Psychology

Teaching English at the Institute of Psychology has been held for 13 years since Psychology section emerged as a separate School. During that time a team of professional academic teachers has appeared, among them:


Zoe Pechkurova (coordinator of the English-teaching process at the Institute)


Elena Nikoshkova,


Galina Bocharova,


Maria Stepanova,


Rosa Karataeva


Irina Okuneva.




The teaching methodology complex includes the program for a 3-year English course,  thematic planning, midterm and final tests,  lists of special literature,  audio-visual and video materials. Taking into account the specifics of the teaching process the text-books used at the Institute have been prepared and published by the above-mentioned teachers:


Nikoshkova: English-Russian Psychological Dictionary;


Nikoshkova, Pechkurov, Pechkurova: Textbook for Psychology Students;


Bocharova, Nikoshkova, Pechkurova: Psychology Reader;


Bocharova, Nikoshkova, Pechkurova, Stepanova: English for Psychologists;


Bocharova, Stepanova: Read Off;


Bocharova, Stepanova: Psychology Tests.




The teachers also use Academic Encounters. Human Behavior by Cambridge University Press.




The teachers apply the original methodology of teaching: oral presentations, discussions, “round table talks” using the practice of  Cardiff University (Great Britain), psychological trainings (the participants of which are students as well as the teachers). At the end of the course the students do written translations of the original psychology literature texts that can be further used in their course papers, theses and afterwards published in scientific magazines.  There is no doubt that challenging experience will  help our psychology students in their further careers.