Department of Management

The overall goal of our language-teaching faculty is to turn out competent professionals with good knowledge of English who, upon graduation, will be able to successfully integrate into the modern economic community. Intercultural communication serves as a foundation upon which our educational model is based. The content of the program is well balanced upon structures related to teaching English as a foreign language on the one hand and aspects linked to special subjects of the curriculum on the other hand. Equal partners in intercultural cooperation, teachers and students provide creative atmosphere for bringing up efficient and knowledgeable graduates.

Command of both aspects of Management, General and International, is required of the students.  This, workshops, conferences and round tables are held to provide opportunities for discussing the issues related to professional interests of the students. Native speakers and representatives of foreign companies often take part in these activities as the working language is frequently English.

Educational program also envisages regular presentations in English for students of all years and levels. Topics of presentations are connected with various aspects, for example, “Countries: Glamour and Misery” for the Country Studies course and “Cannes Lions” (International Advertising Festival) in the Advertising and Marketing course.

Teaching English involves such important aspects as business ethics, commercial correspondence, negotiations, contract deals, insurance, transportation, theory and practice of translation (oral and written), country studies.

Our team of highly qualified teachers is led by Dr. Ovcharenko, Assistant Professor.