Department of Philosophy

Language training at the Department is conducted with careful discrimination as far as linguistic ability levels. After initial testing all freshmen are placed in groups according to their language skills. The level of each class is reflected in the textbook selection.

The curriculum of the course specifically targets communication, professional vocabulary, grammar, and presentation skills.
From semester one all students begin working with professional vocabulary, topics and texts. In the second and third year all students work with English textbooks written specifically for Philosophy  majors.

Along with the traditional methodology, the teachers at the Department apply modern teaching approaches. Among them are role-playing, case-studies, extensive work with video and audio materials. The main purpose is to increase professional competence, improve analytical way of thinking, overcome the language barrier, and acquire fluency.

Each term the Department holds events in which all students participate, such as seminars, round tables, conferences on current issues of modern Philosophy. At all those events the students of sociology are expected to give presentations in English. The topics of the events are determined by the curriculum.