Websites for Learning English

 English teaching staff owned by British Council Russia can be found here.

General programmes from England: news, sports, factual, talk shows, which can be listened to again and again.

General English language learning site, lots of different areas, grammar, stories, news? All can be listened to again and again, exercises to go with them.

This is business words in the news.

News from the Australian ABC radio network with transcripts

Interesting sequence of events with exercises, audio, scripts, for general business

Environmental subjects, with transcripts. No exercises 

Conversations with transcripts.

Lots of stories/news and otherwise. With transcripts and exercises (from CNN)

Audio interviews with many different famous people, no transcripts
various quotes, stories, etc., wit

Online grammar (says it all):

E. L. Easton (looks to be a good site full of ideas and activities): (US English)

Emile’s Webenglish (Some articles with quizzes, and other stuff):

English@ Home (a site crammed with things for the teacher and the student):

English Baby (some online articles with listening, discussion, and quizzes – NICE! – Would go well with the chat rooms on E1D):

English Club (loads for the teacher and the student):

Ernie’s activity page (a short list of warmers and fillers):

About’s EFL pages (SHED LOADS of stuff – articles, activities, lesson plans, etc.):

ESL Lounge (A plethora of resources and lesson plans):

ESL Gold (A very nice site with ideas based on the skills and areas): ex home

film scripts

The Internet TESL Journal’s links page (TONS OF STUFF for all):

If you are not sure of the exact use of a word, or other words it collocates with, simply type in the word and this program will give you 50 examples of the word in use in real life.

For Teachers and Students:

Here you can get a free phrasal verb from Mon-Fri every week; the phrasal verbs each week are based on the same topic, and the following Monday, you get an extra e-mail with a text with blank spaces, and the answers – all about the previous week’s phrasal verbs. This can be used by the teacher in class, or the students can signup themselves.
Russian versions of world print media resources, including articles from British papers e.g. Guardian, Times, Sunday Telegraph etc.

The American's guide to speaking British.
The seven sections contain over 1000 words and expressions that differ in their usage between the US and the UK.

Online dictionaries

British and Irish Media online


British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] television&radio

BBC audio on the move - a wide range of programmes and highlights are available as podcasts for you to download for free.

Classic FM (UK) radio podcasts and downloads

Virgin Radio podcasts and downloads

BBC prime
Great British entertainment and a rich mix of the very best entertainment from the BBC - from award-winning comedy and drama to ground-breaking documentaries and lifestyle series dealing with cooking, fashion, gardening and interior design.

Granada Television


Discovery Channel

Channel Four

London Broadcasting Corporation [LBC]

Independent [television]

Print Media

Reuters [news agency]
downloadable podcasts from Britain’s oldest newspaper
Times newspaper online watchable TV programmes

The SundayTimes

Daily Mail

The Daily Telegraph

Evening Standard

The Express

The Guardian

The Observer

The Independent

Sunday Independent

Ireland’s most popular newspaper online articles

Marie Claire 
Britain’s top fashion newspaper online

Hawaii’s favourite newspaper

The Mirror
Brirish tabloid online oddering celebrity, sport, today’s news

The Sun

Australian & New Zealand Media online


TVQ 10 Brisbane

Print Media

The New Zealand Herald

New Zealand’s Latest National, World, Business, Sport, Entertainment News and Weather

Canadian Media online

Print Media

The Toronto Star

The Washington Post

Philadelphia Daily News


British Film Studios
a joint web-site for Pinewood, Shepperton and Teddington film studios

Ealing studios

Home to an incredible selection of stars, features and television series, as well as inivative music videos and unforgettable radio and television commercials, Ealing Studios can claim to be the oldest film studio in the world. The stages and offices are steeped in history having survived the onset of the talkies, two world wars and the more recent technological advances in film and TV. 

BBC Films

A feature film-making arm of the BBC, firmly established at the forefront of British independent film-making and co-produces approximately eight films a year. Working in partnership with major international and UK distributors, including The Weinstein Company, Miramax, Fox, Buena Vista, Pathé, Momentum, UIP and Sony, BBC Films aims to make strong British films with range and ambition.

BFI Films

Handmade films

Aardman Animations
Britain’s largest animation studio

Revolution Films

UK & World Film Database

Australian & New Zealand Film Studios


Canadian Film Studios

Farewell studios

Toronto film studio

Vancouver Film Studios

The National Film Board of Canada

South African, Indian, Pakistani and Caribbean Film Studios


Hollywood Studios

Columbia Pictures and Tristar
Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Twentieth Century Fox
Universal Studios
Walt Dysney
Studio Canal+

US & World Film Database