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Language Teaching at Different Departments


     Language teaching at different departments is defined by the basic goal to educate specialists that can effectively

• use job-related sources in foreign languages both to get a particular job done and enhance their overall knowledge and increase their competitiveness

• work with foreigners both in and outside Russia, use the English language as a professional communicative tool

• speak freely and fluently in everyday situations

     Therefore, we can see that linguistic training of a University graduate combines professionally oriented linguistic competency and broader communicative ability enhanced with cultural and sociolinguistic elements.

     The goals listed above have a direct bearing on the system of methodological models and textbooks for all levels and majors. All freshmen get tested on linguistic competency and assigned to a specific group according to the results. Whenever possible, the Department also takes in consideration the student’s personal creative preferences as well as personal compatibility. This approach is conducive to creative and friendly classroom atmosphere, fair grades and quick conflict resolution.

     The University often invites English-speaking specialists to read lectures, conduct seminars, round tables, classes (whole or shared with RSUH professors), and take part in various cultural activities.

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